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Vertical Balers

When space comes at a premium, Engineered Recycling Solution's vertical balers deliver big results with the size and versatility you need to fit the size of your operation.


Vertical Baler

Vertical balers deliver big result with the size and versatility you need to fit smaller spaces.


Heavy Duty Vertical Balers

Engineered Recycling Systems offers a full line of heavy duty vertical balers. Our heavy duty balers vary from small footprint to large full size balers and are optimal for cardboard, plastic and various harder materials such as PET, aluminum cans, newsprint, HDPE milk jugs etc.


Stockroom Vertical Balers

Stockroom balers are ideal for locations with limited space and/or low ceilings. The stockroom balers are often used for locations that do not have enough material to justify a mill-size baler, or simply do not have the space.


Mill Size Vertical Balers

Engineered Recycling Systems carries high quality mill size, vertical balers that are ideal for large quantities of cardboard and plastic. The 60" balers produce a standard 60x30x48-inch bale weighing between 800–1400 lbs depending on the waste material.