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The prefilter type TVM/TVN consists of a housing which is separated by a dividing wall in which the rotating filter disc is mounted. The raw gas side is sealed off from the clean gas side by a special felt strip around the filter disc. The filter disc is cleaned continuously by negative pressure through a stationary slot nozzle (type TVM) or by a traversing round nozzle (type TVN).

The nozzle does not touch the filter screen during cleaning. A gear motor drives the filter screen and nozzle with belt drive mounted to the filter disc on the clean gas side. The prefilter type TVM/TVN can be integrated directly into the duct. The drive of the filter disc occurs about a gear engine with strap or optionally chain, which is mounted on the pure gas side, optionally beyond the airflow.

Prefilter Type TVM/TVN

The prefilter type TVM/TVN is suited particularly for big exhaust air streams with high fiber or particle shares of the most different materials, dimensions and forms. The wide variety screen meshes are adapted to the application.


  •     Regenerative filter unit
  •     No pressure fluctuations in the extraction system due to continuous cleaning
  •     Space saving installation due to disc shape and compact design
  •     Optimum flow velocity achieved by exact adaptation to the total air quantity
  •     No fiber contamination of drive elements and easy access due to installation behind the prefilter screen
  •     Easy filter media change
  •     Minimized pressure loss due to optimal airflow design
  •     Energy efficient

Application in various industrial sectors

  •     Textile industry
  •     Non-woven industry
  •     Wood working industry
  •     Paper and cellulose industry
  •     Tobacco industry
  •     Fiberglas industry
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