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Air Handling Systems

If your converting line creates edge trim, the by-product is an opportunity to save time and money. Engineered Recycling System's rugged trim cutters and material handling fans increase production up-time and allow your converting machinery to run at full speed. When designed as a part of a comprehensive scrap handling system, our trim cutters integrate perfectly with your system's converters – providing optimal edge trim removal from production lines and maximum up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages.


Air Handling Fans

Engineered with efficiency in mind, our air handling units and systems drastically increase balanced airflow.


Material Handling Fans

Built with a rugged construction, our material handling fans and systems are designed to take the abuse resulting from large quantities of material passing through the fan housing.


Trim Cutters

Our line of trim cutters provide optimal edge trim removal from production lines and maximum up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages.


Rotary Airlock

Our line of airlocks offer some of the tightest flexible seal in the industry, allowing larger particles to easily pass through the valve while maintaining superior air seal.



Setting the standard for air separation proven to maximize material separation with the highest efficiency percentages in the industry.



With reduced overall height and a more compact design – our separator systems are designed for operations where space constraints dictate the type of air separation system.



Designed to segregate grades of material within a pneumatic conveying system – our diverters are designed to deliver enhanced efficiency and a better bottom line.