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Guidetti Equipment

As the official North American distributor of Guidetti Equipment in North America, ERS carries everything from Sincro and N lines to Guidetti mills, pre shredder and Separators.


Sinkro EKO Line

The new generation of ultra-compact granulators for copper and aluminum cable processing. Four models. Exceptionally Versatile.


Sincro N-Line

Well known on the market for years, the compact N-Line provides superior versatility for recycling electric cables.


Sincro Mill Line

The new compact granulators of the series SINCRO MILL are easy to maintain and extremely versatile for processing copper cable.


PMG Pre-Shredders

Mono-shaft series PMG Shredders are characterized by “HIGH CUTTING EFFICIENCY”.


PMG Hydaulic Driver Pre-Shredders

Mono-shaft series PMG hydraulic shredders are characterized by more power, more versatility, more efficiency.


Density Separators

Designed to separate granulated materials, ground stuff and grains having the same particle size but different specific weight.

Impianto 1-tonnellata

Custom Designed Plants

From ASR processing to tailings processing and shredder fines – we can equip you with a Guidetti setup to fit your needs.