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Wisconsin Starts New Push For Plastics Recycling

by System Administrator / Wednesday, 26 February 2014 / Published in

Wisconsin recently launched new efforts to push its statewide recycling program. Everything from farms and commercial establishments to public events are all the focus of this new push to increase plastics recycling.

Plastics News reported that there were recommendations from the Wisconsin Council on Recycling regarding how to boost the recycling rate come as the state tries to divert more of an estimated $64 million worth of plastics thrown away in that state each and every year. The council is a citizens group that advises the governor, legislature and state agencies on solid waste reduction, recovery and recycling policy. The publication also reported that the Wisconsin Council on Recycling started working with the state Department of Natural Resources last year to identify ways to divert the millions of dollars' worth of plastic from landfill disposal and raw material use. 

“The approach has been to target actions that can be successfully implemented now, within existing budgets and policies, and that are supported by the private and public sectors,” said Rick Meyers, chairman of the recycling council, in a statement.

The council’s advice, as reported by Plastic News, starts with the need to work more closely with commercial establishments:

“Commercial establishments generate a large quantity of high-value film and rigid containers in their ‘back-of-store’ operations but are unaware of the recycled value of these products and how to recycle these through an efficient cost-neutral process,” the council reports.

So the group suggests an assessment of the amount, type and distribution of rigid containers generated, landfilled and recycled by commercial businesses.

The council also is calling for improved bale quality to create a higher value stream of recycled plastics for manufacturers and processors. This can be accomplished through training, outreach and work with the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers trade group, the council said.

The group also seeks to explore the potential to create a Wisconsin Grocer Rigid Plastics project, based on APR’s Grocer Initiative that strives to divert plastics generated by grocery stores.

Overall, the group recommends plastic scrap generators and markets  exchange of information through an online directory, The thought behind this is that it will help boost recycling at commercial locations.

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