ERS / Erdwich Shredders

Engineered Recycling Systems / Erdwich Shredders
Engineered Recycling Systems / Erdwich Shredders

Engineered Recycling Systems shredders are designed to shred through the toughest compressible materials including mixed waste, tires, pallets, batteries and scrap metals. All shredder units are furnished with rib-reinforced housing and precision machined on CNC equipment to maintain shaft alignment as well as gearbox-to-mainframe alignment. Precision machining means more versatility and tighter cutter stack arrangement.


ERS / Erwdich Shredders and Mills

ERS / Erdwich Single-Shaft Shredder

ERS / Erdwich-Single Shaft Shreddes

The all-rounders for any application!

ERS Erdwich Two-Shaft Shredder

ERS / Erdwich Two-Shaft Shreddes

The high-volume, high-quantity swarf specialists!

ERS / Erdwich Two-Shaft Ripper

The resource-saving shredder for processing electronic waste!

ERS Erdwich Three-Shaft Shredder

Three Shaft Shredder

The experts for bulky materials!

Hammer Mills

Hammer Mills

The champions for hard and brittle materials!

Engineered Recycling Systems Cardboard Shredder

ERS / Erdwich Cardboard Shredders

Economical solutions for shredding and processing!

ERS / Erdwich Shredders