Sc Environmental and Engineered Recycling Systems

SC Environmental, LLC was founded in 2006 by Al Sherwood and Mike Carver. The owners and key employees all have individually 25+ years of experience in a broad range of the waste and recycling industries. In 2016, SC Environmental expanded its operation to include a location in Atlanta, GA and is now doing business as Engineered Recycling Systems. This change is in direct accordance with our philosophy to change with the market and adjust our strategies and customer solutions accordingly. Great challenges and innovative technology are key to our future successes and we are excited to work with you on bringing you the most technologically advanced products in the world.

Here at Engineered Recycling Systems, we take on a partnership approach with our customers to develop a sustainable strategy in handling their dust, waste and recycling needs. Right from the beginning we analyze your current recycling program or lack thereof and look at ways to improve and integrate solutions using our knowledge, recycling equipment, and advanced technology designs. Depending on the application it is our job to first clarify your problems and goals and then work with you to develop a solution. Our team will provide system design, recommend equipment best suited for your application, provide installation and ongoing service and support making you an environmentally responsible company. It is our goal to work with you for the long term; changing with you as your business changes. We will help you control waste costs and maximize the recycling revenue that will keep you ahead of your competition and a sustainability leader in your industry.

Engineered Recycling Systems has two locations in the USA. Our Corporate Office is located in Addison, Illinois along with a warehouse, test lab, and offices in Atlanta, Georgia. We have customers located all across the country and provide quality service which has made us leaders in the recycling business.